Saturday, 25 January 2014


As I stare out of the window
Colorful masks stare back at me;
Some are happy, a few sad & a few angry!
I speculate about the real face behind this facade…
What are they concealing behind these colorful disguise?
Why do they hide themselves behind these masks?
I wonder…..
What mask am I wearing?
I try to portray a cheerful face camouflaging my sorrows!
Suppressing my dislike & disguising it with affection;
Alas but actually I am one among them. :-(
Though I know people are cloaking their real faces
I have failed to comprehend the real nature of many;
Is it because I do not want to see their true face
Or is it that I am too much attached to them that I refuse to see it!!
Nevertheless life has been a wonderful teacher….
Educating me to accept people & things as they are!!!
Refusing to acknowledge, leads to misery & loneliness;
Enjoy the masquerades & laugh out…..
Let us all join the drama by wearing our own MASKS!!