Friday, 27 July 2012

How do I start

After much contemplation, I decided to try my hands on writing with the limited skills I possess. The next step would be the subject I would inscribe about. Being a food enthusiast, the first choice was to post recipes as I thought I have quite a bit of cooking experience also.
    Though food was the first option, I did not want to confine myself to one aspect alone. I thought I will also explore my literary skills, if any. Being my father’s daughter, shouldn’t I be possessing at least 10% of his writing skills?
   Hence I venture out to become a blogger & I want to become a successful one too. With this thought in mind, I start my 1st journey into the field of blogging, with my limited knowledge & hoping to succeed.
  Anticipating that I will be able to satisfy whoever visits the blog. I will soon start posting whatever I deem is good enough. Expecting a good response & support.


  1. Welcome...and do have a rocking start and a great time blogging...!!!

  2. welcome to the world of wishes for a successful and sustained blogging experience

  3. Good luck Chellam! You will rock asusual:)