Thursday, 2 August 2012

Let us lend a hand

What is the reason for increasing suicidal tendencies in youth?
Increased expectations from parents paired with academic pressure have burdened them. Suicide is the dangerous step taken by the students in an attempt to end their distress after failing in their quest for academic excellence.
Other reasons for suicide could be failure or rejection by the society & not for monetary reasons as it was earlier. Generation gap also plays a vital role in compelling them to take the drastic step.   Stress, confusion, insecurity, and pressure to succeed can be overpowering to teenagers.
In this age youth are exposed to a variety of distractions. Social websites are plenty. Wrong friends, unwanted relationships also force them to take painful decisions as they are not able to digest failure from any angle.
Today’s youths are unable to control their emotions. When they do not get the expected results, future appears bleak. Unable to handle the pressure, they resort to the extreme step.
Parents are busy with their own professional lives & they hardly find time for their children’s problems. In today’s nuclear families, parents and kids spend limited time together. Children are not getting proper socialization resulting in the inability to tackle challenges of life. Loneliness and the inability to discuss their problem lead them to take the extreme step.
 Youngsters today do not engage themselves in any physical activity. Most of them spend their time watching TV, movies or playing video games at the air conditioned comfort of their home. They are unable to tolerate any discomfort & get irritated by the simplest of things.
This generation is going through a bout of attitude problems & it is high time they are educated about true values in life. Parents should also spend quality time with the children to understand their problems. Meditation, counseling & sports will definitely aid in boosting the confidence & morale of these children.
As parents it is our moral duty to support our children whenever required. Let us try to find hidden talents in them rather than compelling them to pursue something of our choice. Parents should also not follow a military environment at home. We are dealing with kids & not machines. Let us be more broad-minded in our views when handling our children.


  1. People committ suicide only when they are in depression. Too much stress , especially in teen age, when their hormone level is at the peak, can lead to chemical imbalance in brain. Parents and kids need to identify the symptoms of depression and get proper medical advice before it becomes too late.